Tips on how to become an admin!

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Tips on how to become an admin!

Post  Pur3_4_4rch1 on Wed Feb 24, 2010 1:14 am

First off to explain, you do NOT earn admin by just keep begging and being active. You have to show it to us and when you do, you can't just walk away and do nothing after because we do remove inactive admins.

It works in progress on how to become an admin.

1. Active Staff
2. Moderator
3. ADMIN <----- thats what you want to become.

Few tips on how to become an admin:

1. Become active and helpful to all people.

2. Be polite and follow the rules correctly.

3. NO Abuse of power.

4. Show respect to all staff.

5. Active on forums and helpful to all staff if we are in need of your help.

Also as soon, i'm gonna stop being the head-admin, i don't know when, i reckon around december time, i'll want someone to take my place and be better than me.

Read this carefully and this should help you.

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