Beginners Guide V1.0

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Beginners Guide V1.0

Post  Satan666 on Sat Feb 20, 2010 4:54 pm

Hey guys,
So you are new to the Gwi bot and want to know what it's all about? Well this small guide will hopefully answer some questions for you.

First what you need to know is some basic commands to check your stuff etc.

  • Your Money => !money || This commands will your money, DM rank, wins, losses and some other fun stuff.

    ** (Money) 101,716,855 (424th) Wins: 2 Losses: 8 Ratio: 20% Crimsons: 0 Summ Lvl: Steel Titan(99) PKP: 500
    ** (HighestLoot:) 25,695,048 (25,6M) Lowest Loot: 1,000,000 (1,0M) Max Stake: 10,1M Gwd Loot: 0 (gp) Highest Streak: 1

  • Your Gear => !gear || This will your Gear, e.g. AGS

    ** (Gear) [Wodka] AGS, ZGS, SGS(666), BGS, Amulet of Ranging, Dragon Mace, Arcane Spirit Shield, Dbolts(8)
    ** (PVP Gear) [Wodka] No Gear Found for Wodka

  • Your rank => !dmrank

    ** (DM rank) You are ranked 424th [101,7M] in my Database. Next rank in: 853,5K

  • How do I start DM's? => !DM

    ** (ÐM) [çRêãTõR/SÄtÃñ] Wodka [Wins: 2 Losses: 8] has initiated a deathmatch Are you a Dare devil? type !dm to join
    To join you simply type !DM

  • What are the attacks? => !dmcommands

     ** (DMCOMMANDS) [Weapons] [!dh !eat, !whip, !blood, !(ice|barrage), !cbow, !guthans, !onyx, !emmy, !smoke, !dmace, !dds, !zs, !dclaws, !ss, !ags, !sgs, !zgs, !bgs, !dhally, !dbow, !gmaul !angersword/zscim/sbarrage/ukboner/gbow] [PVP] [ !mjav, !vls, !shammer, !miasmic, !vspear ] [DM] [!dm, !status, !stopdm, !stake amount, !dmstats (#chan), !stakingstats]
    ** (DMCOMMANDS) [Summoning] !train summ 79/89/95/99 [Charms] 79 = 750 Crims 89 = 1500 Crims 95 = 2250 Crims 99 = 3000 Crims [Special] [!store, !top 1-10, !topchan, !chanhs, !money nick, !dmnews, !max weapon, !dmstats (#chan), !dropchance item, !dmdrops nick, !w/l/d/shtop 1-10]

  • I heard this bot has a Godwars Dungeon? Yes we do have our OWN Gwi GWD dungeon => !Gwd monster 1-3

    ** (Gwd) Wodka has started a team for the boss: Zilyana Having a max people of 2 Wanna get in this team? !join to get in
    As you can see To join this Dungeon Team you have to type !join

  • Special Weapons in GWD? => Yes look below for the special list of weapons in GWD only

    [list=1][*] !sb => used for Solo's and Teams with CORP/ZAROS
    [*] !balmung Dks only
    [*] !ruby Corp only
    [*] !zspear Corp only
    [*] !bdagger Corp only[/list]

  • How to check our current status in dms? => !Status Or !Gwdstatus

    ** (Status) Turn: player2 P1: Dean- P2: hia777 Hitpoints Dean- [21] hia777 [34] Food Dean- [20] hia777 [20] SpecBars Dean- [0%] hia777 [25%]
    ** (Gwd Status) Turn: player2 P1: Dean- P2: hia777 Hitpoints Dean- [21] hia777 [34]  SpecBars Dean- [0%] hia777 [25%] Monster[666]

  • Summoning, what,where,how?

    1. To get charms You will have to either DM people and hope for a 20% on receiving 50 crimsons or you will have to solo monsters and still have a 20% chance on receiving charms
    2. Titans, What do they do?
      Ice titan ~ 750 Crimsons ~ 50% on hitting and a 25% on healing u an 8
      Geyser titan ~ 1500 Crimsons ~ 50% on hitting a  22 max
      Iron titan ~ 2250 Crimsons ~ 33 % on hitting a 36 max ~ 500 wins needed to summon
      Steel titan ~ 3000 crimsons ~ 25% on hitting a 48 max ~ 750 wins needed to summon

  • PKP

    PKP stands for Player killing points. Those of you who played some Private servers as Near Reality [NR] may know this feature. ;)
    To obtain PKP you will have to DM people, it's simple if you win, You receive 25 PKP (this shows in the loot msg) If you die, You will 10 PKP (not shown anymore)
    There's a store for your PKP needs.
    ** (PKP Store) Whips: Bronze [1000 pkp] Iron [2000 pkp] Steel [2300 pkp] White [2500 pkp] Black [2700 pkp] Elemental [3000 pkp] Mithril [4000 pkp] Adamant [5000 pkp] Runite [6000 pkp] Dragon [7000 pkp] Barrows [8000 pkp]
    ** (PKP Store) HandCannon: 1500 Pkp | Shots: 10 pkp ea


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Lovely stuff!

Post  War-Axe on Sun Feb 21, 2010 4:53 pm

This is a verrrry handy guide for anyone new!


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