Update Patch V1.1.1

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Update Patch V1.1.1

Post  Satan666 on Mon Feb 15, 2010 2:36 pm

More updates.


  • Updated Steel titan/Iron titan, to 150 wins req of the opponent to summon it.
  • Update GWD solo teams with CHARMS
  • Let people use summoning in GWD

New Content

  • !dscim maxes 40 and has a 5% on hitting 55
  • Added PKP whips to GWD
  • !streaktop 1-10 added


  • Pimped my Blacklist script.
  • Update on !stopdm. Player2 can't halt the dm when its his/hers turn.
  • !ststats (#channel|Playername)
  • !dmtoday is more realiable now.
  • Updated !DMstats and !GWDstats


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