Update Patch V1.1

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Update Patch V1.1

Post  Satan666 on Sun Feb 07, 2010 9:30 pm

Hey guys, This weekend was a weekend full of "small" updates and fixes.


  • Added a 750 wins req to summon a steel titan.
  • Added a 500 wins req to summon an iron titan.
  • Updated Ice titan his lines to 2 instead of 3.


  • Updated Dragon claws (5B --> 4B)
  • Updated Fire Cape. Ditched the 400 loss req.
  • Update the !store/!exchange help message.

New Content

  • Made a Dagannoth Godsword (!dgs) hits up to 50, 33% chance on stunning your opponent. Takes 75% spec
  • Added Master wand (3B / 3+ to all mage attacks)
  • Added !info Storeitem (if any useful item is missing please report this)


  • Updated SS max: 22 -> 16/19/22
  • Updated some code, to make it shorter.
  • Made Dclaws/Arcane spirit Shield keepable drops.
  • Updated weapons for the GWD dungeon
  • 2 NEW bots added (Gwi[UK] & Gwi[BE])


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